Once In a Blue Moon

 Jemma’s life is spiraling. Her mother is a phantom, her marriage is breaking apart, and the  

 only woman who ever gave a damn about her has died. Jemma is paying for other women’s

 long-held secrets. One sultry summer morning, sorting through her grandma’s things in the 

 old farm house, Jemma learns the truth – the hard way.

 Shelby Soderberg has a secret, and now he’s come back to haunt her.


 When she escaped in the black of night nine years ago, she left her stalker           

 bloody on the bathroom floor, his skull smashed. Dead.


 Now she’s living a numb existence, spinning records in the night at a tiny     

 radio station; her only companions a young, much too-eager engineer and a desolation angel named Martha.    

Soon the calls begin; song requests with cryptic messages. A truck, its windows tinted, shows up wherever Shelby ventures.


It’s not that he didn’t deserve to die. The question is, is he really dead?


     "The writing is extremely stylish and the descriptions are unique and vivid."  ~ Valerie Wynn, Agua Press

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